Coffee Arabica

Coffee Arabica

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The leaves of the Coffee Plant are thick, glossy, and wild in growth. In order to stay within manageable size the plant must be pruned often throughout the growing process.


On average, these plants grow to be 6 feet tall.


These plants are toxic to humans (except the beans) and pets.


  • Light
    • This plant prefers bright, indirect sunlight.
  • Water
    • Regularly water the plant, keeping the top inch fo the soil moist at all times. 
  • Temperature
    • Anything between  64° F to 75° is optimal, the warmer the better. 
  • Humidity
    • Medium to high levels of humidity allow this plant to thrive
  • Soil
    • Rich, bark/peat based soils that are lightweight are optimal. It should be able to retain moisture, but not hold water.
  • Fertilizer
    • Give a water-soluble succulent fertilizer twice a month during the growing season.
  • Re-potting
    • Repot every year during the spring season, pruning to the desired size in the process. 

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